Module 1: Awareness

Begin Learning:

~ how to establish & develop Deep Presence

~ how to live in a more consistent and deliberate State of Awareness.

~ how to hold what you find in that state of awareness in a healthy and meaningful way.

Important Info: For best results, I encourage you to watch your weekly training video at least 3 – 5 times during the week! Stop and Rewind or simply Pause any parts of the video that you need to – in order to grasp concepts that are new to you. Listen to the meditations daily , they provide a feeling experience and help you integrate what you are learning in the video. Repetition helps deepen your experience with what you are learning. Keep a journal or notebook handy and write down what you are noticing, as well as any questions that arise in you. 

The jewels you are mining are precious parts of YOU and writing about them will support your journey in important ways!*Engage on Facebook. Post/Share the little wins like your progression through the program videos and meditations as well as any experiences you are having – on the private Facebook page. Cheer lead and support others as they bravely share what is happening for them. Remember, anyone’s success is everyone’s success!