The Science:

Candace Pert, American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor in 1974, wrote that “emotions are the link between consciousness and the material realm, between mind and matter”. In my practice, I restate it this way….Emotions are the link between the spirit/energy body and the physical body. She explains the science of this by studying human cells, their receptors, and the chemicals that our bodies release as a result of different experiences. These chemicals or peptides as she refers to them, bind with the cell’s receptors that match in vibration, allowing entrance into the cell itself. 95% of the receptors on each cell in your body are vibrationally designated for endogenous (in-house made) opiates! So far, well over 200 peptides have been mapped in the body that relate to feelings of well-being and bliss. She explains that the physical experiences of well being and bliss are the result of the vibrating peptides binding with the matching vibratory receptors.  What’s more, your cells literally require these naturally made opiates –  in order to organize their own biochemistry and maintain their own health.


Where does forgiveness fit in here? Well let’s say your system has been flushed with chemicals/peptides of resentment and anger. These antagonist peptides will sit in your opiate receptors, blocking them from receiving the opiates that they are designed to attract, starving the cell of the much-needed chemicals/vibrations of well-being. They can pile up in the space between your cells if they are not flushed out, (or if the emotions are blocked and unprocessed) creating a strong negative vibration in your system that affects how you feel, what you do,  and what you are attracting to you. This can and does manifest as weakness or dis-ease on the cellular level which we eventually experience in our physical body!  It really IS all connected.


The Energetics:

How might this cell blocking and build up of negative emotional data affect cells that make up your intestinal tract?  If intestinal cells aren’t getting what they need to stay healthy, how well do you think they will process incoming food? What about liver cells and their biochemistry…. how will this manifest as the liver itself and it’s ability to break down fats and produce energy?  Are you following me?


OK, so back to forgiveness….this is where the rubber meets the road.  True forgiveness erases tension – allowing low vibrating chemicals/peptides that are stuck in your system to flush out. And to complete the healing cycle, an open heart will charge the system with a release of molecules of positive energy where they will seek out matching cell receptors – not only restoring health to the cell, organ, and system but restoring your sense of well being, peace, an ease.  The resulting relief will bring more high vibrating molecules of gratitude and bliss!


How does one rid one’s system of this toxic buildup of molecules of negative emotion/energy  – which can be

1. coloring all one’s experiences,

2. creating a system blockage and

3. making forgiveness very difficult to access ?

~~~Warning….here comes the sell:  !! ~~~

One very good option is support!  Locate a well-trained energy healer to clear your energetic system of any low vibratory energy hanging out in your extracellular space.  They will then charge your system with a fresh flow of high vibrating energy – restoring balance!!

More specific energy work can be done as well but this offers a general idea of how subtle energy is working and affecting your health.

Read about Developing Emotional Intelligence as a type of preventative medicine in regards to emotional blocking.