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Master Your Energy &
Develop Strong

Emotional Intelligence.

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Hey, I’m Amy!

I am a certified Brennan Healing Science and Integrative Practitioner.

Let me help you and your family find what you need to feel successful in life and THRIVE!

Energy – What is it?

Learn about the energy field

Emotional Intelligence


Learn about emotional intelligence

Healing Happens in Relationship.
Take this journey with others like yourself.

Developing TRUE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE requires you go beyond mental cognition – and into your feeling experience. This program provides a safe and fun container in which to learn and heal.

Master Your Emotions

Feelings and emotions are safe. When you understand them, you can make them WORK FOR YOU.

Create Healthy Boundaries

When you understand what energetic boundaries are and how they work, you can create them to support and sustain you and your relationships.

Learn Conscious Communication

Learn to successfully communicate how you feel and what you need with ease and grace.