Emotional intelligence includes the ability to;

  • perceive emotions
  • access and generate emotions so as to assist thought
  • understand emotions and emotional knowledge
  • reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

The benefits that come from mastering these abilities are countless.

A person with a high level of emotional intelligence (EQ) is ready to connect to others and attune to their feelings without assuming an unhealthy responsibility for both. This approach keeps the nervous system calm – preventing the body from flooding with toxic stress chemicals. Additionally, with high EQ, one develops a level of self-awareness that fosters deep and meaningful relationships.This person is often secure and content to experience and process the uncomfortable emotions that threaten the sense of self.

When the sense of self is threatened, brief but intense anxiety is the result.

These brief but intense experiences of anxiety can become more frequent without the tools to manage them in a healthy way and can eventually become a chronic state of dysfunction, ie; an “anxiety disorder”.

If you are in a care taking role as a parent, a spouse, or in any relationship… and are concerned with where this approach leaves your child or partner… don’t worry. In order for children or anyone to manage strong feelings, they must first be allowed to experience them. Learning to stay connected to your loved one and hold a safe container for them to feel and experience life IS THE REAL WORK. This supports them to have (and teaches them to tolerate) their authentic experience. The solution rarely lies in fixing it for them.

Children learn what they live (as do we all)…they tend to take on whatever energetic defense we employ ourselves – regardless of what we verbally teach them. When WE are the feeling and working model of emotional intelligence, what we teach will feel natural and make sense to them – because it is what they already see, feel, and experience with us.

This course is a place to experience and build your own safe container. You will learn how to build and hold this for yourself, and by extension, for others.