Listening Differently, Part 2


Congratulations!  If you are reading this, then you have read my previous article, Reading the Energy Field, Part 1 and you are ready to begin utilizing more of your spirit/energetic senses.


Settle yourself for this next practice in perceiving with your energetic senses.   Relax your body, take a nice full breath, and open your heart. Remember the piece of fruit you practiced with before? Simply think of it and imagine it in front of you.   A little imagination will assist you to open or to re-member your energetic senses of sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing.  Don’t worry, I’ll go first and you can follow along…..


Example: My Energetic Orange


With my Spirit/Energetic senses;


I am taking time here to notice the specific pictures and details I am receiving in my mind’s eye.  Whether I have my eyes open or closed, I am now literally seeing in my mind’s eye ….a round shape and the dotted color orange, then the pale color of the pith, the bright orange juice filled pockets of the inside, some seeds, and the separate wedges.  


Though there is no physical fruit present, I hear….a soft tearing sound of the peel being pulled back, a sound of juice squirting, a knife cutting through the fruit.


I am tasting ….the zing of orange flavor, it is very specific.  It does not taste like lemon or grapefruit.  It is sweet and tart!   Suddenly, I feel a sharp tingle in the back of my jaw as I often do when I eat citrus.


I smell….at first a faint sweetness, then a little zest and now a more powerful burst of tang. I think I even feel it in my eyes!


I feel…. the smooth waxy surface of the fruit on my fingertips….how is this when my hands are empty?  I can feel the cold juiciness in my mouth.  Yes, I know these experiences from previously eating oranges but I can literally feel it in my mouth  – right now.  


As you do this practice on your own, you will experience your spirit body and it’s senses.  In fact, it is likely that you were experiencing them as you read my example!   Did you notice them? Did you taste… smell… feel…see… or hear anything?


OK, your turn!  I’ll wait……



Pretty fun right?  This is not really new to you, it is just a matter of awareness.  If you are thinking to yourself…What’s the big deal?  I do this all the time.  …Then, RIGHT!  You DO – do this all the time!  You just haven’t been focusing your conscious awareness in this level of your being.  Your spirit/energy body never left, you have just been distracted by the physical dimension because it is so much louder!

Continue to practice this energetic sensing and awareness daily…many times a day…food items work well but there are so many different opportunities.  You know when there is a song playing in your head?  I bet you thought nothing of it. How is it you are hearing the music?  The unique sounds of different instruments?  The voices and words?    Do you notice that you can hear your own voice and you can turn the volume up or down?  This stuff is so cool.  We are so cool!


OK, once you have some experience with this last practice, it gets even more interesting.   

Part three of Reading the Energetic Field will teach you to perceive something you would consider immaterial, like relationship dynamics or your own thoughts, feelings and desires, even physical pain that you may experience!