Listening Differently

*I often use the words spirit and energy interchangeably, as I experience them as the same subtle matter.

Don’t worry!  It is common to conclude that you do not “read energy” because you have been looking and listening for it with the wrong senses.

We are so accustomed to receiving information through our physical senses that we have forgotten how to recognize our spiritual senses, and what they are picking up. Information that is coming through the spirit and to the spirit (or energy body, subtle body, etc) can come as though you have no physical body at all!  The more you practice using these more subtle spiritual senses the less subtle they become.

So how do you locate these senses and begin using them? ……

Begin with what you already know!  

Grab a piece of fruit and use each physical sense to describe it.

Example: An orange.

I see….the color orange, a round shape, a stem end, a navel end.

I hear…stillness

I taste..nothing on the surface, maybe some waxiness.

I feel…round and smooth with dimples.

I smell…a faint tang and sweetness.

To move into the spiritual senses, you begin by accessing your heart.  Now, remember something that naturally opens your heart… a pet, a child, a spouse, etc. Stop a long moment,  take a breath and let your heart open.  Your heart is not only a doorway into your Spiritual senses, but a very powerful sensing instrument!

  • Place your hand on your heart ….notice what your heart can sense about the fruit.


I sense sweetness, mood elevation, excitement, passion and an intention to provide these things..

What can you sense?  Allow yourself the space and time to recognize incoming information.  It may feel tentative at first. Tension in the body and holding the breath will restrict flow of incoming information so make sure you are breathing and relaxed.

If you can be in relationship to what is expressing energetically, rather than just physically,  you will begin to relate to the world in much deeper ways.  Consider your new experience with a simple piece of fruit …..can you imagine what you might experience with a human being?

In my experience, the heart is the key to reading energy accurately.  If you are not engaging the heart you may be judging rather than observing all that’s really there.  Be curious…observe without evaluating.

You may see images, hear words/sounds/music, feel emotions, but if your heart is closed your connection to what you are sensing is weak and you are disconnected from your own very powerful sensing organ!.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

~Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince.

Practice this intentional sensing a few minutes every day until you become comfortable sensing people and things with your heart.  Once you’ve done this, it is easier to move into the other energetic senses, which directly correlate with your physical senses.

Watch for part two of this article.  It will be useful to you when you are ready to focus more directly with these other energetic senses!