Listen Differently, Part 3


 Although there is much to learn and experience within the Energy Field, I hope these three articles give you a solid place to start.  Are you excited for the next step?  This is where it gets interesting.   We are going to practice perceiving something you would consider immaterial!  

Consider the possibility that all things have matter and form….things like thoughts, feelings, physical pain, relationship dynamics and much more!  Some are just too fine to see with our physical eyes.  

For instance, I have a great desire to help people connect to their spirit body and spiritual senses.  This desire has a form, though not one you are able to see in the physical world.  I am going to sense this desire as an example for you to use for your own energetic sensing of a non physical object.


       Example:  My desire to help others connect to their spirit/energetic senses.


I ask myself the same questions that I would with my physical senses but focus at the level of my spirit senses.  A good way to begin perceiving is sensing opposites and extremes like light or dark, hot or cold, hard or soft.  This typically makes it easier to perceive.. . 


I see…. Colors are bright-not bleak, form is soft/flexible rather than rigid, I also notice fidgeting.

I hear…it giving gentle words of encouragement….no pushing or demanding.

I taste….sweet rather than sour and something rather like carbonation…fizziness

I feel… (touch) softness kind of like a pillow, (emotion) hopeful yet tentative…concern about being understood.  Both excitement and nervousness!

I smell…something fresh, not stagnant


This is good information for me to have because though I may feel sure, on a more subtle level I am also aware of fear about being received and understood.  This is at the level of my heart and is as real as the knowing I hold at the level of my mind.  I have the chance to hold myself  with love and understanding, to remind myself that I know my intentions are good and I can hold myself safe in circumstances that might feel scary.   Imagine being in human relationship with yourself or another who could relate at this level?  The level of honesty and care with ourselves and one another can be profound.  Of course, this certainly requires a level of vulnerability that can be scary, yet very empowering.


OK, it is your turn!

*Choose something you think of as immaterial to practice with.                             

 Example….your desire to develop your spiritual/energetic sense

                 ….physical pain that you are dealing with.

                  .…your feelings about someone or something.                                                             

                  ….a relationship between you and another.


*Imagine yourself sitting on a park bench next to this energy form that is your desire/ ability/ feelings/ relationship and go through the following questions or steps….

  1. Sight: Imagine what color/s it is…is it bright? Dull? Is it tall or short?  Is it more solid or fluid looking?
  2. Hear: Does it make a sound?  If so, is it soft or loud? Is it a monotone? Is it rising in tone or volume?  Do you hear a song or words?  Are they relaxed or tense?
  3. Smell:  If it had a smell, would it be slight or strong? More like fresh linen or motor oil?  Flowers or sweat…absolutely anything!.  Remember this is practice and you have to start somewhere!
  4. Taste:  Is it strong or subtle?  Is it sweet? Bitter? Plain…spicy?
  5. Touch:  What texture does it have?  Is it sticky? Smooth? Crunchy, slimy, airy, pokey? What about temperature?  Would it be warmer or colder?
  6. Heart:  What is the intention in the desire/ability/feelings?  What else is sensed with your heart?  Always be very gentle with yourself as to what you learn.  Judgement will shut down the heart very quickly and information will stop or become distorted.


What have you learned?  How can your new awareness offer you new choices?  How might these new choices affect your relationships?  Your career?  Your life?  

When you are connected with your spirit or energy body/senses, you create an experience that I can best compare to how you feel when you watch something in slow motion…….or enlarge a picture on your phone with your fingers. You get to see things more clearly because you are receiving much more detailed information. What first appeared to be but a small moment in time is actually loaded with useful information.  What originally seemed ordinary becomes quite sacred in nature.

Congratulations!  You have finished an introduction into Reading the Energetic Field.  It is only the beginning.  Your connection to your spirit and skills in perceiving will continue to grow, deepening your experience of life and supporting your health and well being.