As a certified Brennan Healing Practitioner, I work within the Human and Universal Energy Fields, tracking healthy and dysfunctional energetic patterns. My work repairs, restores and balances the healthy flow of energy. Suppression of any emotion is exhausting. Anger, grief, fear, and even joy and love is often blocked. The energy needed to suppress an emotion needs to be greater than the original energy of the emotion in order to keep it in check. It takes at least 100% more energy to suppress a feeling than to feel it. All that energy lives as a block in the human energy field and can return to flow *in an instant* when the right conditions for release are present.

“Like the earth, your body has an energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates it. Your energy field is intimately associated with your well being and that of your relationships. This energy is very powerful. This energy is inside you and all around you. It is like radio waves that are always there in the air. You just need to know how to receive them to get the benefit. Your personal energy field is like a radio.” -Dr. Brennan, former NASA physicist.

I can help you perceive it, understand it and teach you to tune it better.

When your energy is in balance, generally speaking, you feel better overall and have an amplified sense of well-being and relaxation. Profound imbalances require work that takes hold over time. With guidance, support, and committed personal work – you can learn how to keep the proper balance of energies in your system. This balance leads to a profound level of emotional intelligence. True emotional intelligence is not learned and developed on the mental level of “understanding” only. It becomes complete when it penetrates and fully integrates with your emotional and physical experience as well.

Don’t worry! It is common to conclude that you do not “read energy” because you have been looking and listening for it with the wrong senses.

We are so accustomed to receiving information through our physical senses that we have forgotten how to feel our energy body, recognize our energetic senses, and what they are picking up. Information that is coming through the energy body is very subtle and easily drowned out by the physical world and your physical senses, (ie; sight, sound, taste, smell, touch). The more you practice using these more subtle energetic senses the less subtle they will become!