If you struggle with an emotionally frustrated or explosive child, let me help you find what you and your child need to feel successful in life and THRIVE!

“The most profound thing we can offer our children is our own healing.” – Anne Lamott


Learn to support your child to successfully navigate their social and emotional world!

During this program, you will learn to:

Navigate Emotional Outbursts

Compassionately manage personal feelings during a parent/child conflict or a child’s painful explosion. This essential skill underlies our ability to say and do the things that truly serve to support and guide them.

Help Kids Self Manage

Empower children by holding a safe container in which they can feel and connect with them self. This creates an inner space that enables them to track what they feel and communicate it – for the purpose of support. In order to do this, we must first establish and engage this connection for ourselves as well as teach it!

Reduce Frequency of Meltdowns

Give them essential tools to successfully manage BIG emotions on a daily basis. – Expertly and openly manage intense personal emotions and teach them the skills they see you modeling. This is HUGE for their self confidence ….making outbursts less and less frequent.

Meet the Teacher


Mother of Three & Graduate of the Brennan School of Healing Science

As a Brennan Practitioner and Mother, Amy works with children & adults to develop high emotional intelligence for the purpose of improving physical and emotional health as well as success in relationship, academics & business. She has developed a curriculum that she uses in school classrooms, group workshops and with clients privately. Amy has personal experience with kids and adults who suffer from extreme and overwhelming emotional lives, often leading to chronic feelings of anxiety, fatigue, depression, anger and/or loneliness.