Are you looking for a holistic healing system of support and training?

I work with women like you – who feel stuck, lost, and emotionally overwhelmed in their lives and relationships. I help you reconnect with the intelligence and power of your emotional body, restoring your connection with your SELF and your ability to create what you want in your life. Let me help you create what you need to feel peace, empowerment and success!


Liberate Yourself!

Create an intelligently structured and emotionally abundant life!

During this program, you will learn to:

Sense and Understand Energy & Master Your Emotions

Expertly and compassionately manage your emotions and your Energy Field.

Feelings and emotions are safe. When you understand them and learn to work with them, they WORK FOR YOU.

Create Healthy Boundaries

When you sense and understand energetic boundaries and how they work, you can create them to support and sustain you and your relationships.

Use Conscious Communication

Learn to successfully communicate how you feel and what you need with ease and grace. Tears of frustration will no longer block your ability to speak your Truth and live it!

Meet the Teacher


Mother of Three & Graduate of both the Brennan School of Healing Science and Integration Practitioner program (6 years training)

As a Brennan Practitioner and Mother, Amy works with children & adults to develop high emotional intelligence for the purpose of improving physical and emotional health as well as success in relationship, academics & business. She has developed a curriculum that she uses in school classrooms, group workshops and with clients privately. Amy has personal experience with kids and adults who suffer from extreme and overwhelming emotional lives, often leading to chronic feelings of anxiety, fatigue, depression, anger and/or loneliness.