• Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence includes the ability to; perceive emotions access and generate emotions so as to assist thought understand emotions and emotional knowledge reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth. The [...]

  • Energy

    As a certified Brennan Healing Practitioner, I work within the Human and Universal Energy Fields, tracking healthy and dysfunctional energetic patterns. My work repairs, restores and balances the healthy flow of energy. Suppression of [...]

  • Emotional or Explosive Kids. Overly sensitive?…. or Gifted and Highly Empathic kids? BOTH

    Overly sensitive kids who have become sullen, angry or even explosive are often Highly Empathic Kids.   So you have a  child that is struggling emotionally.  They are anxious or angry or depressed and are [...]

  • The Struggle is Real People! ….or is it??

    My husband and I recently had the opportunity to visit Mexico!  When we arrived at our hotel, I was absolutely overcome by the grandeur of the beach, the rock formations and the ocean.  So [...]

  • Reading the Energy Field, Part 3

    Listen Differently, Part 3    Although there is much to learn and experience within the Energy Field, I hope these three articles give you a solid place to start.  Are you excited for the next [...]

  • Reading the Energy Field, Part 2

    Listening Differently, Part 2   Congratulations!  If you are reading this, then you have read my previous article, Reading the Energy Field, Part 1 and you are ready to begin utilizing more of your spirit/energetic [...]

It's never too late!

Learn now and teach the children in your life.  This curriculum is geared towards children 4 to  12 but anyone can learn from it.  Its basic principles make it clear for any age and since it is created for younger children, you can use it to teach them  the skills and tools they need while learning yourself.  Of course, utilizing the skills and embodying  these principles will make your example the best teaching tool there is!